Workshop Gamejam

workshop gamejam
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€50 / €10 (vt-statuut)
13/02 to 14/02
In Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen

Anyone can build games! Come and try it during this futuristic two-day Gamejam.

Exploring Antwerp's Central Park (aka Zuidpark) lets your imagination run wild. What will the park look like in the future? Or in an alternate reality? Will runaway mowing robots or mutated sheep trim the grass? Or will elves and dwarves wade through the wadis? Will excavations awaken underground monstrosities? Or will drones, flying cars or coloured ponies cause air traffic jams? Based on your vision for the future and with digital cutting and pasting, you will build your own game in small groups. You do not need any previous knowledge of programming or image editing, but of course it is allowed. We will work at everyone's level.

About the creators

Bram and Lennert from BrainBugs are two Digital Beasts who crawl inside your brain. They extract the craziest fantasies from it and turn them into wacky digital games. In their real lives, together with their partners, they make serious games on social issues.