Thabo and the rhino case

thabo en de neushoornzaak filmstill 1
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€8 / €2 (vt-statuut) / €4 (socio-culturele groepen)
13/02 14:00
In Lumière Antwerpen

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Charming detective film set in a gorgeous African nature reserve, with a courageous main character. The key message about the importance of wildlife conservation is the icing on the cake!

Thabo wants nothing more than to become a private detective, just like in the movies. But in the small African village where he lives, nothing exciting ever happens. Then Thabo's uncle is suspected of killing a rhino. Thabo and his new friend Emma not only have to look after the abandoned rhino calf, they also have to catch the real culprits as soon as possible!

This film is preceeded by this shortfilm

symfonie still 2


Ondřej Nedvěd, Vojtěch Komárek - 8min. - 2023

This movie consists of

Thabo en de neushoornzaak Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 01:36, 2023
Symfonie Ondřej Nedvěd, Vojtěch Komárek, 00:08, 2023
Martin heeft een visuele beperking. Zijn magische speeltje Francis helpt hem de wereld te verkennen.