Saïd & Anna

Saïd en anna filmstill 1
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€8 / €2 (vt-statuut) / €4 (socio-culturele groepen)
15/02 11:00
In Schouwburg De Kern, Antwerpen

Inspiring new episodes about creativity, teamwork, sustainability and the freedom to grow. With Saïd and Anna, preschoolers learn that you can always make mistakes. Because every time something goes wrong, new opportunities arise.

Anything broken can be fixed! For best friends Saïd and Anna, no challenge is too great. At Saïd's parents' repair shop, they breathe new life into broken things and learn to overcome their own problems.

Extra at the screening

After the film, we get to work with old stuff in a mini repair café, just like Saïd & Anna.

Guests at the screening

Meet actors Adam El Bachiri en Evy Hanse after the film.

Evy Hanse
Adam el Bachiri

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This movie consists of

Robot Hilt Lochten, Lilian Sijbesma, Nederland, 00:07, 2024
Saïd and Anna watch as Zonia repairs a toy robot. They imagine what it is like to be a robot.
Boemerang Hilt Lochten, Lilian Sijbesma, Duitsland, 00:07, 2024
A girl comes to the Repair Shop with a wooden object. It is a boomerang. If you throw it in the air, the boomerang will come back by itself.
Blind cane Hilt Lochten, Lilian Sijbesma, België, 00:07, 2024
A blind girl comes to bring her broken guide rod. The ball no longer rolls. Saïd and Anna find the guide rod very interesting and are eager to try it out.
Alarm Hilt Lochten, Lilian Sijbesma, Nederland, 00:07, 2024
A jeweller comes by with a broken alarm system. Zonia cannot fix it until tomorrow. The jeweller laughs that he will just have to keep watch himself for a night then.
Snow Hilt Lochten, Lilian Sijbesma, Duitsland, 00:07, 2024
Zonia talks to a customer with a white poodle. Saïd and Anna joke that the dog looks like a snow dog. That brings them to an idea!
Mirror ball Hilt Lochten, Lilian Sijbesma, België, Nederland, Duitsland, 00:07, 2024
Saïd is angry with Anna. She has punctured his new ball. Saïd no longer wants to play with Anna and locks himself in the toilet.