About cows and other animals

over een koe over koeien en andere dieren still 1
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18/02 10:00
In Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen

Peutercinema: film & mini-medialab

Beleef een onvergetelijke eerste bioscoopervaring in een speciaal uitgeruste peutercinema!

  • knusse kussens en aangepast geluid en verlichting
  • stilzitten hoeft niet!
  • toegang tot het mini-medialab, een digitale speeltuin op maat van peuters en kleuter

The animal world is endlessly fascinating for toddlers and preschoolers. They will thoroughly enjoy these colourful short films full of cows, fish, seagulls, beetles, pigeons and mice. And who knows, they might even recognise themselves a little?

Is there much difference in a cow's life around the world? How does a puffer fish make itself as big as possible? Can a tiny beetle climb out of the sink? Does a small herring find its family again? Can a pigeon seduce a female? And does a little mouse manage to celebrate his birthday? An answer to all these questions, and more!

This movie consists of

About a cow Pavla Baštanová, Tsjechië, 00:13, 2023
An imaginative and playful collage of images from the life of cows. A mosaic of small stories from all over the world.
Pufferfish Julia Ocker, Duitsland, 00:03, 2022
In an ocean full of big, bad fish, the pufferfish is trying to seem as big and strong as possible.
A little beetle returns Elene Sebiskveradze, Georgia, Noorwegen, 00:04, 2023
Again and again, a little coloured beetle tries to get out of the sink. The surface is so slippery!
Pond Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust, Zwitserland, 00:08, 2023
Herring move through the sea in formations. After a gull attack, a small kipper is left behind in a puddle.
When doves try Thalia de Jong, Nederland, 00:02, 2023
A male pigeon courts a female in this awkwardly familiar dance of attraction, seduction and... disillusionment.
Dormouse Julia Ocker, Duitsland, 00:03, 2022
The dormouse overslept and missed his birthday party.