The owl in a chef's hat

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€6 / €1,20 (UiTPAS kansentarief)
15/02 14:30
In Budascoop, Kortrijk

These five tasty stories about animals that eat food are funny, playful and sometimes absurd. Toddlers and preschoolers will grin at each one and feel their tummies rumble.

Will you join us for a feast? A little frog discovers what animals eat and a chick bakes muffins. A peacock wants to get rid of his tummy ache and a bear accidentally swallows a fly. And then we haven't even been on a trip to the land of Mrs Tartine yet.

Extra at the screening

After the film we transform you into a real chef.

This movie consists of

The little big-mouthed frog Célia Tocco, België, Frankrijk, 00:08, 2019
A little frog meets a mole, a rabbit, a deer and a mouse and asks them what they are eating. But then he asks a heron, a fox and a snake the same...
The little red chick Célia Tisserant, België, 00:12, 2019
A hungry red chick bakes delicious muffins with the recipe he got from the farmer.
The icing on the cake Frits Standaert, Frankrijk, 00:16, 2019
A young prince suffers from liver troubles. His doctor orders him to tap a glass of water every day from a spring a thousand kilometres from the palace. And if the prince does not walk there himself, the water loses its magical power...
The bear who swallowed a fly Pascale Hecquet, België, 00:07, 2020
A bear accidentally swallows a fly. The buzzing in his stomach is unbearable! To stop the agony, he swallows a frog. But it croaks! Then a snake, but it tickles. A heron, which tingles. Will it never stop?
Fruit toast lady Pascale Hecquet, Frankrijk, België, 00:04, 2020
In the land of Dame Tartine, the house is made of fresh butter and the bed of biscuits.