Pebble Hill

De familie muis filmstill 1
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€8 / €4 (socio-culturele groepen)
15/02 14:30
In Lumière Brugge

These three gentle short films full of beautiful colours reveal to young viewers how everyone is different from one another. Together with the animals of the forest, they learn what it means to find a home. From the makers of the lovely 'Yuku en de Himalayabloem’.

The forest is home to birds, squirrels and shrewmice. All different, all unique, but also all united. These sensitive, poetic and light-hearted stories show how it is possible to live together in the wild. Maybe we as humans can learn something from that?

This movie consists of

Go away, Alfred! Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck, België, Frankrijk, 00:10, 2023
A bird escapes from prison and looks for a home.
Head in the clouds Rémi Durin, Frankrijk, België, 00:11, 2023
A squirrel is fascinated by the clouds.
Pebble hill Marjolaine Perreten , Zwitserland, Frankrijk, België, 00:29, 2023
A family of mice lose their home and food supply after a storm. They have to look for a new home.