Blue giant

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€8 / €2 (vt-statuut) / €4 (socio-culturele groepen)
17/02 19:30
In De Cinema, Antwerpen

Combi-ticket film en XL-Medialab

Voor maar €10 heb je een combiticket voor het XL-Medialab in het Zuiderpershuis en deze filmvertoning!

This spectacular film adaptation of a popular manga will move you to tears with an emotional story, compelling music scenes and majestic visuals. A must-see cinematic sensation.

From the moment Dai Miyamoto discovers jazz, he starts to practise day and night to become the best saxophone player ever. Together with the talented but cocky pianist Yukinori and Dai's friend Shunji on the drums, he tours the bustling nightclubs of Tokyo. But does the jazz trio have what it takes to become truly great?

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