Extraordinary stories

hi bijzondere verhalen still 1
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16/02 17:00
In MAS, Antwerpen

A collection of imaginative short films full of extraordinary events and peculiar characters. The characters may be unique, but their feelings are recognisable.

Being different, that doesn't feel the same for everyone. Whether you're overwhelmed sitting on the school bus, trying to go off the divingboard or joining the straight beams as a crooked twig.

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This movie consists of

Hi Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani, 00:06, 2022
For a girl with ADD, the bus ride to school is nerve-wracking. She carries a paper version of her mum to feel safe.
Fear Nika Zinoveva, Zwitserland, 00:03, 2022
A funny little man experiences children's fears, such as the panic at a toilet door that does not open or the gaping abyss under the diving board.
Buzz Andrew Brand, Bryn Chainey, Verenigd Koninkrijk, 00:10, 2023
On a prairie millions of miles from home, a grumpy space farmer is having trouble with one of the hives: a robot bee called Buzz that keeps going rogue.
Twig Liese Minjauw, België, 00:12, 2023
A crooked twig wants to fit in with the straight beams of wood, but constantly gets rejected. In a desperate last attempt it completely transforms itself.
Laika & Nemo Jan Gadermann, Duitsland, 00:15, 2022
Nemo looks different. Nobody else wears a diving suit and such a huge helmet. But then he meets Laika, an astronaut.
Soup Christa Moesker, Nederland, 00:10, 2023
A castaway is trapped on a small sandbank. One day, he tries to escape the island in a plastic jar.