Sirocco and the kingdom of the winds

sirocco en het koninkrijk van de wind filmstill 1
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€8 / €4 (socio-culturele groepen)
13/02 15:00
In Lumière Brugge

Our opening film is a superbly animated film with echoes of Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland. The compelling story about two brave sisters, beautiful 2D animation and epic music are the recipe for an enchanting cinema experience! Featuring the voices of Lotte De Clerck, Eva Kamanda, Bill Barberis, Sali Haidara and Rocky Sturm.

The two fearless sisters Juliette and Carmen accidentally end up in the world from their favourite book. They turn into cats and are separated from each other. With the help of singer Selma, they try to find their way back. Will the sisters meet Sirocco? Is this wizard as terrifying as he is in the book? And most importantly, will they ever get home again?

Extra at the screening

Draw your own Sirocco figure after the film.